Monday, April 7, 2014

MISPO Celebrates First Annual Ally Week!

MISPO hosted Hofstra’s first Ally Week from March 24-28 and had a great time spreading awareness to  Hofstra’s students and faculty on how to be better allies to people in the LGBTQ community!

It was a week full of events presented by MISPO, the Pride Network, the Center for Civic Engagement, the LGBT Studies Program and Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth.

We kicked off the week on Monday with an Ice-Cream and Design-Your-Own Spin Art social.With the help of the  Pride Network, we gave out information on the week’s events and explained what it means to be an ally with the help of some passersby!  On Wednesday evening, students engaged in insightful conversation at the Safe Space workshop and the CCE’s Dinner Conversation on LGBT Consumerism.

MISPO and the Pride Network hosted “The Game of Life” and “The Privilege Walk” on Thursday to teach students what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes. On Thursday and Friday the LGBT Studies Program hosted the Focault 2014 Symposium.We ended the week with an informative Safe Space workshop for faculty and staff

The event was a big success and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Guest Blogger
Cassandra Branch
J.D. Candidate, Class of 2015

Friday, April 4, 2014

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

MISPO Celebrated Asian Pacific Islander Reception on April 2, 2014

Special Keynote Speaker Christina Sunardi, assistant professor in Ethnomusicology from the University of Washington School of Music. 

Thank you professor Sunardi for sharing your experiences studying music in Indonesia!


                     Thank you for the terrific student dance performances!




American Tai Chi & Health Qigong Center in Syosset

Great Tai Chi Performance!


 Thanks to Cong Ma (Sunny) our MC for the reception. Great job!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Senior Week 2014 is almost here and it’s going to be great!

They say that time seems to speed up and we get busier, and that seems to be the case because before we know it Senior Week 2014 will be here. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities and the Class Programming Committee, with input from members of your own class, have been hard at work planning events for the week.

Mark your calendars for Senior Week events starting Wednesday, May 14, culminating with the Hofstra Traditional Senior Class Toast on Friday May 16th and Commencement on Sunday, May 18th. Participants get to pay one flat fee of $85.00 and that includes admission to all events.

Events this year will include a service project preparing stuffed animals for a local hospital, tickets to a Subway Series: Met’s vs. Yankee’s game at Met’s stadium with transportation included, a dinner dance at the University Club, Senior Class Toast and Class of 2014 Apparel.

This is one time of year that you are not going to want to miss and OSLA makes it easy for you to sign up for all of the activities. Go to and purchase your tickets right there. Signups will be going live soon so stay tuned for more information. Also note that signups are live for the Senior Class Toast and you can find them at

Contact Office of Student Leadership and Activities at for more information!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Women's Leadership Conference

Career Center and OSLA Staff

We had an amazing time this past Friday learning, networking and skill building with Hofstra students, alumni and staff. The afternoon began with a keynote from the Town of Brookhaven Councilwoman Valerie Cartright. She was just the inspiration that the women needed to start the conference off in the right direction. After the keynote students were able to chose between workshops on communication, leadership, networking and finance. All of these workshops had a focus of gender. 
Alumni Mixer
Raffle prize winners after the conference
A keynote from Hillary Needle, Hofstra alum, who spoke about the importance of networking as it pertains to her own business, Hillary Needle Events. It was a great event that spoke to students about the importance of networking and gave them an opportunity to network with Hofstra administrators and alumnae.
We hope you are able to join us next year during Women's Herstory Month for the Women's Leadership Conference. For more information on getting involved in events such as this contact the Career Center or the Office of Student Leadership and Activities
Alumni Mixer

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be the Student Speaker at May Commencement!

ATTENTION Graduating Seniors!!

There's a new addition to this year's commencement. YOU can apply to be the student speaker at the Latin Honors Convocation.  This Convocation is for students who have achieved a grade point average of a 3.6 or higher and will occur in between the two commencement ceremonies on May 18th.

If you are interested in being considered for this honor, please send a draft of your proposed remarks as well as a one-page autobiography highlighting your curricular and cocurricular accomplishments.  All drafts will be reviewed by a committee of Hofstra faculty and students that will recommend to the President who the speaker should be.

All bachelor’s degree candidates are eligible to apply. Please send your materials to or deliver the materials to the Provost’s Office, which is located on the second floor, west wing of the Axinn Library.  All materials must be received by March 31, 2014.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hofstra’s Habitat for Humanity participates in the Collegiate Challenge

Thirteen members of Hofstra University’s Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter spent their spring break volunteering with the Collegiate Challenge program.  They went to Sussex County, Delaware, for the week to help build two new homes.  Some students were able to frame a few walls of a house that was just beginning construction.  Other students were able to put siding on a shed, paint walls, hang doors, plant grass and lay tile at a different location.

Everyone on the trip learned new skills and had a really great time!  They stayed in the basement of a Church and got to know the parishioners. The Collegiate Challenge team was blown away by their hospitality and kindness. The parishioners cooked dinner and breakfast for them, and one even gave the crew an impromptu performance and lesson on the Church’s organ. One night Hofstra’s team worked together to cook dinner and have a taco night. Another night became a karaoke and air guitar concert.  There was not a single moment of the trip when the students were not laughing.

Each student took away from the trip a sense of pride that they were able to make a difference for this family. They also came back with a renewed interest in serving others. The affiliate informed the students that the family has three small children that will soon call that house a home.  It was easy to imagine the kids running in their new backyard, or living in the bedrooms the crew painted.

The Collegiate Challenge team would like to thank everyone who donated to help make this trip possible.  They would especially like to thank their amazing advisor, Terry Greis, who gave up a week of her own life to accompany them on this adventure.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Take the Ally Path!

 Hofstra's 1st Annual Ally Week: March 24-28, 2014

Ally Week is a week for students to engage in conversation and commit to take action against bullying and harassment to become better allies to LGBT students and the LGBT community. Join the celebration and support your LGBT friends and colleagues by attending this year's Ally Week events hosted by MISPO, the Center for Civic Engagement, Hofstra Cultural Center, the LGBT Studies Program, the Pride Network and others! All Hofstra Ally Week events are free and open to everyone in the Hofstra community.

For more information about Ally Week: or 516-463-6796 or find us on Facebook!

What is an Ally?

An ally does not necessarily identify as LGBT, but supports the LGBT community by standing against the bullying and harassment that LGBT students face in school and in the workplace. Allies can be straight or LGBT identified adults! Anyone who takes a stand against anti-LGBT bullying and harassment can be an ally.

Taking the Ally Path

  • Learn from someone who is different from you. Don’t just hear what they say- listen.
  • Educate yourself on social justice by reading books and articles and watching movies about people different from you. Spread the word!
  • Keep an open mind and try not to judge 
  • Don’t assume to completely know someone else’s experience. 
  • Try to empathize, not sympathize.
  • Accept that there are limitations to your ability to empathize and understand someone else’s experience.
  • "Speak from your own experience. Never speak for an entire group’s experience or try to represent an entire group."
  • Ask another person how they identify and what terms to use/not-use. Do not assume all terms are a one-size fits all. Each person identifies differently and identifies with different terms.
  • Be mindful of your unconscious biases: notice your behavior and how it may affect others.
  • Seek to understand the different forms of oppression.
  • Recognize that no one form of oppression is more significant than another; there is no hierarchy of oppression.
  • Seek to understand and acknowledge your own privileges
  • Understand that feeling guilty is a part of the process of being an ally. Don’t let it deter you from being an ally, but don’t try to “make up” for it. 
  • "Know that the past is not your fault, but the present and future are your responsibility."
  • Envision utilizing your power to bring about social change that benefits all people, especially those who come from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • Attend a protest, rally, or march for something you believe.
  • Speak out against harassment and offensive statements you hear by speaking for others who are not present, interrupting offensive jokes, and dispelling myths and stereotypes.
  • Be cognizant of the goods and services you use that might have a positive or negative impact on those you want to be an ally to. 
  • "Expand your global perspective by interacting with people, groups and communities with which you might not ordinarily socialize." 
  • Encourage others to become allies.
  • Interact and find support from and be supportive of other allies.
  • Help build bridges among different social groups.
  • Support environments where everyone can have a voice.
  • Be comfortable with yourself and accept your own identity, background, and history.
  • Don’t expect to be accepted as an ally, and be comfortable with criticism and feedback.  
  • Don’t expect recognition for your ally work.
  • Accept that others may stereotype you.
  • Accept frustration and/or anger from those who have been oppressed.
  • Respond to acts of anger with acts of kindness.
  • Use examples that don’t exclude a particular group’s experience. Be inclusive.
  • Support people in the manner they want to be supported. Don’t assume to know what support they want and what’s best for them.
  • Take risks and continually try to improve!

Adapted from:
D'Angelo, Anthony J.: Inspiration for LGBT Students & Their Allies Paperback,  November 5, 2002